She got the promotion
without us.

But together, we helped
her succeed.


A high potential manager at a Fortune 50 company was promoted into a bigger management role in a completely new division. She had the dual challenge of adjusting to a new level of leadership and a new functional role.

The learning curve was steep and there were great demands on her time, particularly to attend meetings. She was stretched too thin and felt overwhelmed. She wasn’t keeping up and was worried about her contributions.

What we did

With our help, she discovered she was so involved in the details of her new position, she wasn’t as available as she needed to be. She collaborated and delegated more and that led to better time management. Building on her strengths, she established her leadership priorities—she was able to focus, and that meant taking the time to be fully prepared for important meetings and also finding the quiet time needed to formulate strategy.  When she felt more confident, she began to command the room as the leader she was meant to be.

The Result

After she began to inhabit and own her new role, she was more confident and comfortable with herself. Her career path has been steady and swift ever since.

“I had the pleasure of working with Lawrence as I was transitioning to a new role within my company. His insights were invaluable. As my coach, he helped me get control of my work and manage through my expanded set of responsibilities. He was also instrumental in helping me to define and develop my individual leadership style. In our time together, I grew more confident in my abilities, and I am forever grateful for the time we worked together.”

Managing Director
United Airlines, Chicago


This high performer wasn’t
being recognized.

We helped him change that.

The Situation

This very senior leader was hired to be a change agent. He made a significant impact in his business unit within the first nine months, but his accomplishments were underappreciated. He was a strong performer and was effective in guiding multiple projects to successful conclusions. With especially strong emotional intelligence, he was skilled at building coalitions to achieve successful outcomes. Even so, his accomplishments were not appropriately valued by his superiors.

What We Did

After gathering feedback in stakeholder interviews and from a 360, we focused on developing his personal value-based, results-driven brand. The new emphasis on personal branding and leveraging his influencing skills created a platform so he could effectively advocate for himself without appearing pushy or overly ambitious.

The Result

With a cogent story to tell, this leader advocated effectively for himself and his team. They were appropriately recognized and rewarded for their achievements, and newly positioned for greater influence in the future.

“Lawrence –   Thank you for all your sage guidance and assistance over the past 6 months.  Your unique view and insights into organizations such as AON has been very beneficial to my career growth.  You did a masterful job of navigating the political waters while keeping me on task to grow in identified areas.  I appreciate all your efforts to help me succeed.”

Senior Leader
AON, Chicago

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