He had the job he wanted. He just wanted it permanently.
We helped him get it.


An experienced center director had recently been accepted into the Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Program. He wanted to develop his leadership skills so he could secure a senior role on a permanent basis. A subject matter expert who had managed small teams of scientists in the past, he needed to be more effective in developing and communicating a strategic perspective, building collaborative relationships, delegating, coping with pressure and adversity, and managing his time.


We assessed his strengths and developed a plan building on those. Naturally approachable and open to feedback, with our help the director demonstrated a willingness to adapt to a new environment and culture. He strengthened key relationships, elevated his executive presence for more gravitas, sharpened his communication skills, enrolled staff for stretch assignments and, responding to his new responsibilities, started the process of developing his own leadership brand.


The client was selected for the executive level director position on a permanent basis, and this happened before the coaching engagement completed.

“Lawrence was instrumental in helping me step up my leadership. I had to shift my perspective to a bigger picture and set a new direction for this division. My predecessor had my new role for 22 years. It was critical for me to win others over and I learned how to get their buy in. Coaching gave me the boost I needed to take on this much broader brief and be a successful leader.”


We help professionals access their best selves

Because better understanding leads to better performance.