Career Coaching

John’s talents were bigger than the company he worked for.
We helped him land a job at Google.


As a senior consultant at a boutique consulting firm, John was frustrated. He simply had nowhere to go. He had 10 years’ working experience — as an analyst at a major financial institution and, now, at his current job. He was ambitious and knew he had more to offer — and more to gain. Before he started looking for a situation that better suited his talents, he wanted to understand his natural disposition, personality, strengths, and interests especially as it related to his career.

He wanted to understand himself better and be able to comfortably articulate his value so he could maximize his potential and feel fulfilled.

What we did

Discovery – We worked together to develop a personal brand and a crisp cohesive story that explained his path. We uncovered his skills, core values, interests, ambitions and what an ideal future would look like.

The Result

With new insight about himself and a clear message of his authentic self, he made an action plan. After several weeks of networking, he was able to choose from three opportunities and he went with Google. He started as a senior analytical lead and, with two promotions within three years, now has a global role.

“I enjoyed working with Lawrence as I evaluated career directions. He was the quintessential coach, striking the right balance between being supportive and challenging my thinking when necessary. What I found most useful in working with him was self-accountability. By discussing a plan, exploring options, and setting goals together, I undoubtedly made progress faster than I would have on my own. Finally, I appreciated Lawrence’s flexibility and responsiveness both to my schedule and our working relationship; not being tied to a rigid schedule or contract. He truly cares about the success of his clients.”


We help professionals access their best selves

Because better understanding leads to better performance.