Three  3s  for  2021

Dear Springboard:

It’s time again. To make plans. While I’m excited to be shutting the door on 2020 and setting some goals for a new year, it feels like I do this every January and the same things turn up on my list year after year.

Feels like I’m . . .

Spinning My Wheels

Dear Spinning:

It’s a familiar scene.

Act 1: New Year. New Beginning. Refreshed Optimism. A list of wants – achievements to be realized.

Act 2: Enthusiasm and energy have waned. Most of us have settled back into the coziness of our comfort zone. Our ambitions to lose weight, exercise, get organized, spend more time with friends and family have slipped away, unnoticed.

Act 3: No show. Curtain.

To avoid repeating this scenario myself, I am going to try a new approach. Pare my 2021 ambitions down to basics and stay focused on those.

I’m going to lay in a base of Three 3s. Three of each: business objectives, personal goals and self-care practices.

While there will be lots more I hope to accomplish, I’m going to keep these items front and center so that they get full attention on a regular basis and retain their priority status.

The book Essentialism advocates that a singular laser focus is empowering. Concentration leads to traction.

Atomic Habits advises to start small, so small that it’s almost impossible not to take the first step. Then build from there.

My plan:

  • Write down what I plan to do for each of these three categories – business, personal and self-care
  • Add a brief note to why each of them matters enough to make the short list
  • Anticipate likely distractions and rationalizations
  • Document core values being honored to stay the course
  • Share my plan with those close to me and invite gentle accountability

A newsletter from the Daily Stoic on January 1st emphasized putting more of our energy where we have control and went on to point out that we have more control over something at the beginning — when and how we start– than we do once an initiative is underway.

I want to bring more intention and thoughtfulness to how I start projects, big and small.

Given the many distractions competing for mindshare, it will be critical to look at my list frequently to bring attention to my priorities.

Bottom line: Above all keep it simple

 From the Watercooler


If it is to be, it is up to me.

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