A Targeted Approach

Helping professionals access their best selves.

Because better understanding leads to better performance.

At Springboard, we recognize that in order to grow, organizations and individuals need to stretch themselves to meet transitions and new opportunities with confidence and poise. They need to know themselves better to help themselves more.

As a full-service coaching and strategic planning partner, Springboard Unlimited takes you from ideas to execution to results. Our process provides ample space for exploration and creativity, and then supports the outcomes with a clear plan of action.

  • Executive Coaching: Our services help you realize the greatest returns on developing your investment in talent by enhancing employee satisfaction levels, and improving retention. Learn more about what we deliver value for you in our executive coaching.

  • Career Coaching: We help people make the next career move that is right for them – whether that involves finding the right job, making the most of their current position, or stretching to the next level when a promotion presents itself or is imminent. We also offer onboarding services for senior executives transitioning into a new company culture. Learn more about our services for career coaching.

Lawrence had the difficult task of navigating political waters to seek a better view within the organization of my role. Through his efforts the C-suite have a better appreciation for my skill set and position. They all feel that I communicate more effectively and have a substantially better visible presence in the organization. Would not be at this company without him.


I have to say that the coaching I received from you was invaluable. You helped me focus on what my goals were, keeping things in perspective, and also obtain a better knowledge of my strengths (and weaknesses) and how to leverage that knowledge. I honestly believe that your coaching played a valuable role in moving my career forward.

Program Director, National Healthcare Company
Chicago IL

I retained Lawrence to support me during a job transition, and I strongly recommend him for executive outplacement and coaching. He helped me prepare a new resume, which is much richer and a more cogent representation of my strengths as a result of Lawrence’s coaching and input. Lawrence also assisted me with strategies for identifying my next opportunity. 

Non-profit CEO

Clients that have worked with Springboard Unlimited include: