The evaluations were all 5s. Thanks so much for a job well done. I’m grateful for your thoughtful and inspiring workshop. Several of the attendees told me they left energized, and ready to practice the new skills. We’d have you back anytime..”

--Bob W.

Lawrence is an inspiring group facilitator as he expertly holds the space for our group to support one another and hold each other accountable for reaching our goals..”

--F. Curtis


Powerful Communication: Understanding the Impact of Your Style
Virtually all work relationships can be improved with better communication. Using the DiSC assessment, participants learn about their own behavior and communication style and gain insight into style of others. Each individual receives a customized report that makes recommendations for better connections.

Participants gain specific strategies to meet others on their terms, one of the hallmarks of effective emotional intelligence. Length: 1 hour to full day

Coaching Conversations: Leader/Manager as Coach
With 70% of employees either neutral or actively disengaged in their jobs, employers are losing out. The coach approach to management is a powerful way of involving employees for increased retention, collaboration and discretionary effort. This leads to greater productivity and efficiency, and, ultimately, an increase to the bottom line.

Participants learn how to coach direct reports to their own answers by Asking not Telling; Reframing; and Straight Talking. Highly experiential, this workshop requires participants to practice the new skills so they are ready to use them right away. Length: 1 hour to full day

Emotional Intelligence: How EQ Trumps IQ
Why are the smartest people in the room sometimes the hardest to work with? Often the answer is low emotional intelligence manifested in poor self-awareness and unpolished relationship management. This workshop demonstrates the positive impact of high EQ and explores the specifics of 26 different competencies.

Participants complete online assessments and receive detailed personal reports with customized recommendations. Length: half day to full day

Stress Management: Strategies to Thrive In a Changing World
Unhealthy stress is an epidemic today. It stems from and affects our finances, relationships, health, careers and more. The stressors are not going away, but how we deal with them can change. This evidence-based program is engaging, fun and effective.

Participants will increase awareness of how they experience stress, their individual triggers, and will leave with practical strategies for effective coping. Length: 1 hour to half day.

Improvisation: Emotional Intelligence in Action
Communication issues are often at the root of most conflict. This highly-experiential session can be a big first step to improving trust, listening, creativity and team-work. We build on the most basic improvisational building block of “Yes, and” to increase communication and collaboration.

Participants boost their awareness of how they relate to themselves and others in a fun and fully-accepting environment. They leave with more appreciation for personal flexibility and agility in a fast moving world. Length: 1 to 2 hours