The group was like a slingshot: I found myself getting stuff done I’d been putting off for months.”

--Doug B.
Lead Creative
New York, NY

This weekly structure provides a forum to celebrate my successes, strategize about my challenges, and share the commitments that will most honor who I am and who I am becoming – and to participate in doing that for others.”

EVP, Advertising Agency
Stamford, CT

Peer Groups

Springboard peer groups can help you find the focus and drive you need to accomplish specific, defined goals. Moderated by a trained facilitator, these group sessions are designed for independent consultants, contractors, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, and people in transition or anticipating a transition.

Peer groups provide structure, accountability, a sense of shared community, and a supportive environment. Each member of the group is interviewed beforehand, and groups are carefully composed to provide the right mix of common ground and new perspectives.

Each week, the group meets in person or by phone for one hour. Each member gets the opportunity to share their goals and discuss their progress, and everyone contributes their own creativity and resourcefulness to help others reach further than they could on their own. Many group participants report that the process was instrumental in helping them achieve a breakthrough.

Become part of an environment that encourages you declare goals you're passionate about, take responsibility for making them happen, and share your progress. The process is simple, and has been clinically proven to work.