“I have to say that the coaching I received from you was invaluable.   You helped me focus on what my goals were, keeping things in perspective, and also obtain a better knowledge of my strengths (and weaknesses) and how to leverage that knowledge. I honestly believe that your coaching played a valuable role in moving my career forward.”

--Program Director,
National Healthcare Company
Chicago IL


Springboard Unlimited helps organizations guide the talent management cycle more effectively and support their employees in achieving their full potential. We work with mid- to top-level managers and executives in the publishing, advertising, entertainment, creative, government, legal and non-profit sectors, and our approach fits companies of almost every size, from compact start-ups to larger corporations.

Our approach is based on encouraging resilience, flexibility, and agility in a rapidly evolving workplace. We help people understand the internal process of change, enabling them to stay on track by reconnecting with their core values and purpose.

Springboard services cover a full spectrum, including onboarding, executive coaching, and outplacement.

Onboarding. Integrating new employees with customized onboarding support ensures a more productive, engaged, and stable workforce. We assess each company's unique needs and strengths before developing a tailored plan based on our proprietary POISE method (Prepare, Orient, Integrate, Strategize, Excel).

Our focus is on four areas that pose the greatest challenge to new employees: assimilating into company culture, establishing connections across the organization, aligning their objectives with the needs of the company, and making the best use of the new environment to fulfill their function. The process fast-tracks employees to greater confidence and efficiency, so that they can make a positive and profitable contribution sooner.

Executive coaching. Nothing offers a better return on your investment than effectively supporting your best talent. As employees reach for the next level in their careers, leadership development provides an opportunity to identify key strengths, address areas for improvement, and set the groundwork for success. At Springboard, we help high-potential candidates build confidence, and achieve excellence by amplifying their inner resources and drawing on the strengths of those around them. A customized plan brings all areas of performance up to optimal levels, including strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, time management, and communications.

Outplacement. An effective outplacement process not only eases the transition for your outgoing employees, it dramatically enhances morale and productivity for those who stay on. Whether you need to support planned or unplanned transitions for members of your staff, Springboard excels at helping people transition successfully to a new phase in their careers.

With services that cover the spectrum of talent management, Springboard is there to support your valued staff throughout the organizational life cycle. Find out how we can help you manage transitions and capitalize on your talent resources more effectively.

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“I have worked with Lawrence Hedblom and he helped me develop more acute insight into the persons with whom I work, which has enabled me to navigate successfully the political shoals of my new position. In addition, Lawrence has provided extremely practical advice on more effectively communicating with the individuals with whom I work. I feel that his advice has made a significant contribution to my integrating into my new company.”

General Counsel
Chicago, IL

I want to extend a sincere thank you for your help. While I was at first skeptical and resistant, in the end, I came around. Your guidance showed me how I needed to broaden my perspective and let go of some old ideas. It paved the way to be more strategic and get more of the business we can leverage for future growth. Plus, my work life balance has gotten better, too!

Regional President, US Bank